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Welcome to SOVANISE!

Hello my name is Denise Estrada. I had a baby boy (Caesar) in June 2019 and am currently pregnant with a baby girl! My sister Vanessa had a baby girl (Natalie) in September and fell in love with the small shop world. I loved everything about it but sadly the boy options are scarce. I started making my own things for my baby boy here and there and then Vanessa found out I could sew. She instantly bought fabric for me to make Natalie things. Now that I am having my baby girl I want to branch out and make a lot more! Hence this shop. You may ask what is sovanise? It is all things so Vanessa approved and Denise made. I am starting out with shorties( for boys & girls), teething jewelry, and bows. Thank you in advance for the support! 💕

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