1. What is your TAT (turn around time)? 

We strive for a fast TAT time which means we pride ourselves in having your items shipped within 5-10 days after your payment processes. 

2. What are the different styles you carry?

Please see our "Info on styles" tab for details on each 

3.When will my order be delivered/my package says delivered but isn’t in my mailbox?

Unfortunately after we ship a package it is out of our control when it will be delivered and we are not responsible for lost/stolen packages.

5. Do you except returns/exchanges?

This is a handmade shop which means if we sell out of a fabric we may not be able to get more of the same pattern/color considering we will not except returns and no refunds however exchanges may be made depending on circumstances. Please message us on our business page on Facebook (sovanise) or email us at sovanisebusiness@gmail.com.

For any other questions please feel free to message us on the business page on Facebook (sovanise) or email us at sovanisebusiness@gmail.com!